Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goodbye 2009

Can hardly believe we've been here a month. Where does the time go? So far, it's been just great. The weather hasn't been all that- rainy, windy, grey, but it could always be worse, right? The girls are happy. It's amazing how nothing fazes them. Sometimes I don't even think they notice all the differences. They are remarkable--make friends with everyone, young and old, so comfortable. Yes, I love them :) Here's a little list of some favorite Irish things (so far):

1. Love the hedges. Everything is fenced or hedged. It makes even the ugliest house look absolutely adorable. I'm furiously trying to think of a way to hedge something!

2. The road is for everyone. There is no your side, my side. By everyone, I mean walkers, runners, horses, cars, trucks and buses. Love that.

3. Everyone here is just freezing. They have no idea what cold is. Am I right? You all in Wisconsin totally know that kind of cold--your nostrils stick together-kind of cold.

4. Bacon, ham, sausages (rashers), more bacon, more ham and some lamb. That sums up the meat isle. It's great.

5. The word brilliant. It's used a lot here. "Oh, that's brilliant!" describing a cookie (biscuit), finding out we homeschool, etc.

6. Commercials can only run every 20 minutes on TV. Oh, and no sensoring. Cuss away, cuss away.

Happy New Year!

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