Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day

Here's my view down our road. I walked a ways this morning, maybe 2 miles. It was lovely--very quiet and I only saw 3 cars. Now, do you see all the hedges and walls on the left? There are a couple of different styles, but most of them are stone. I asked why everything is hedges, fenced, etc. and it has to do with all the farm animals. Basically to keep them out of your yard! Some of the green hedges are 4 ft. thick. Amazing.

I do it wherever we go........I lust after pretty houses. I found this one on my New Year's Day walk this morning down a very quiet country road. What more could you possibly need? Love the symmetry, the stone, the brick detail around the window and the gardens. Maybe I was an architect in my previous life, who knows, but I can't help but mentally move in! When we drive at night, I love it when people leave their curtains open so I can see the inside. I know, kinda weird but I'm looking at the rooms, not the people. I like to see how people decorate. So now you know what I do at night when I'm the passenger in a car. Curtains open, please.

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  1. What a quaint little house! Would love to see more pictures of the neighborhood. It was great talking to you before. Hope the girls have a great time at pony camp tomorrow. We'll check back for an update on that.