Thursday, February 4, 2010

Riding Lesson III

They live for their weekly riding lesson. Today they were moved out of beginners and started doing some low jumps. Sofie is on Bertie and Lucy got J.R. She was a little stubborn at first but she was a good match for Lucy-two headstrong women. If you're wondering what happened to Lesson II, it was a wash that day for pictures due to the sideways rain. It rained again today but they could care less. I'm the one trying to get pictures in it! Warming up in two-point position. My thighs feel tighter watching them.
These guys have it made-all snug and cozy in the barn.

Sofie on Bertie-he's a favorite at the riding barn.
Lining up to canter.

Lucy cantering on J.R.

Sofie cantering on Bertie-can you see her smiling? or is she gritting her teeth? I hope it's smiling.
Warming up

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