Sunday, February 7, 2010

Slieve Bloom Mountains

We all needed a little fresh air and something physical to do, so we drove over to the Slieve Bloom Mountains to do a little hiking. Tim's doing the driving today. We both drive now (so much fun! It only took me a day to master it). I'll have to have the girls get a picture of me behind the wheel.

All smiles and fresh legs.......this route was marked a "muscle-stretcher". The hardest route was labeled a "muscle-maker".

They just couldn't stay on the path.....they had to climb on everything.

There were all these little waterfall coming down the mountains. I think we stopped at every single one to ohhh and awww. Lucy and Sofie touched every one, threw rocks in, climb up next to it, etc. They said if their house was just up on the mountain they would come down and play in them every day. I don't doubt that for a second.
After 6 kilometers, Sofie needed a ride. Maybe we'll do the "muscle-maker" route next time!

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