Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon

Lucy and Sofie hard at work. We did history all day.....easily their favorite subject. If it's not raining, we usually go for a walk down the lanes through the bog in the afternoon. Today we had company.

We came to open part of the lane and we found two horses! Sofie wanted to pet them but they weren't too friendly. Abandoning horses in Ireland isn't uncommon. They kept their eyes on us the whole time. This is as close as we could get. I wonder if we'll see them next time we go for a walk.
Here they are watching us leave.

We always stop on the way home so these two can cuddle. All she does is whistle a little (sometimes she doesn't even have to do that) and over he comes. He rubs his head on her arms and shoulders. He puts his head down and she just hugs his big neck. He just stands there, eyes half closed. She kisses him and waves goodbye and then begs me for a horse the rest of the walk home.

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