Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rock of Cashel

We all piled into the car this morning and drove to Cashel. The only thing to see in Cashel is the Rock. The Rock of Cashel was the seat of the ancient kings of Munster, 300-1100 A.D. It was eventually handed over to the Church in 1101. Ruth had the pleasure of Irish weather today-it started out incredibly foggy, then cloudy, next the sun came out for about 2 hours, another cloudy episode, then it started to snow! Yes, snow. That turned to rain and it was cloudy the rest of the day. Unstable weather makes for such dramatic skies. Wicklow Mountains

The Rock of Cashel.

Built between 1101-1200, the 92 ft. round tower was a mainly used as a bell tower and lookout post. The wooden door is 12 ft. above the ground. Having the doorway lower would have weakened the structure. Tim was impressed with the stability of the tower since it's built on a very shallow foundation. He looks at things no one else would think to look at-hinges, joints, etc.

Ruth, Tim and Lucy all admiring what's left of the cathedral.

Hore Abbey was built in the thirteenth century.

That's Lucy and Sofie running over the Plain of Tipperary. Even though the weather isn't the greatest, it really cuts down on the crowds. They're non-existent! The girls crawled all over the ruins of the abbey.

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