Monday, March 8, 2010

Galway and The Cliffs

Another gorgeous, sunny day. I think Mom brought the sun with her! We're on a winning streak with the weather so we're taking full advantage of it. We drove over to Galway in the early afternoon and then headed over to the Cliffs of Moher to watch the sun go down.

I love how every time we go someplace we've been before, we always see something new. We've been to Galway a couple of times now and it was the first time we saw live statues. The statue in the picture is of a real person. If you drop a few coins in his jug he tips his hand to you. He was the best one we saw. He even had a pigeon sitting on his arm!

This woman was really good too. Sofie ran up and threw some coins into her bag (a great way to get rid of some change).

The Snow Queen handed Sofie a fortune from her bag. It read "We are what we imagine ourselves to be.", Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Since the wind wasn't blowing 30mph, I took hold of one girl, Tim grabbed the other one and we hopped the fence and walked along the footpath that follows along the edge of the cliffs. Can you see all the little people standing along the very edge? When you're on top you don't get the sense of how high you are until you lean over and look down. Still haven't seen any puffins. All we see are loads of sea gulls. After we watched the sun go down we drove home, first stopping in Ballyvaughn for dinner. We ate at Monk's, a seafood pub on the coast, complete with a roaring fire and hand knit wool curtains. Sofie promptly read the menu and said she'd like the mussels. Mussels? She loved them. I had mussels too. We had quite the pile of shells when we were done.

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