Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

And I almost did my hair just like this! Wouldn't that have been embarrassing? Same hair do at the parade as someone else. Jeesh!

The parade started a little after twelve o'clock. Even though we couldn't see much of the parade-it was like 5 rows deep along the route-it was the whole atmosphere that really made it worth while to go. The people watching was first rate.

After the parade, we walked to Croke Park to watch a hurling match and a Gaelic football game. Sofie and Owen walked and talked the entire way. They had a mutual love for cats- instant friends.

Gaelic football is similar to regular football, except you can use your hands and bounce the ball once when running with it. Tackling with your shoulder is also allowed. Owen was great at explaining all the rules for both the hurling and football games. Note the absence of shin guards, pads, etc. for both games. Talk about toughness training!

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  1. What awesome pictures, and love the descriptions!! You're sounding quite Continental:)