Monday, March 8, 2010

Trim Castle

Another ridiculously sunny day. I say ridiculous because we've had nothing but grey skies, fog, and rain for so long that when you get a couple sunny days it's like someone is playing a joke on you. I swear mom brought it in her bag. My face hurts from squinting!
Sunday we drove over to Trim to see Trim Castle. It's the largest Norman castle in Europe. It was amazing. The film Braveheart was shot here (in case you wanted to know). We toured the keep with a guide. Not for those who have a fear of heights--we got to go on the roof of the keep and look out across Trim. To exit the roof, we walked down a very narrow spiral staircase, 84 steps in total. This was a great site for the kids--they could run around the grounds. They are getting very tired of "staying on the path". It's was really nice to just lay on the lawn and soak up the sun.

Part of the moat that once surrounded the entire castle.
The keep

Trim Castle

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