Thursday, March 11, 2010

Goodbye Nana

Waterfall at Birr Castle

Left Bank, Athlone
300 yr. old Bavarian urns at Birr Castle.

Mom at Birr Castle, walking through the formal Millenium Garden.

Mom left this morning. It felt normal there for a week being all together, seeing her everyday. The girls have been pretty quiet all day. They definetly miss their Nana already. I'm still amazed at their strength and resilience to all the changes that have been going on the last three months. Are they oblivious? Do they really notice all of it? Or am I doing a great job at keeping things normal and right in their little world? I hope Yes is the answer to all the above.
Everyone here talks so much about the awful weather. I told Mom she'd better bring a raincoat and be prepared for gloomy days. Not the case. Mom had the best weather we've all seen here since we arrived! Nothing but sunshine and clear skies the entire week. Ruth, on the other hand, experienced true Irish weather. Only a couple more months, then we'll be homeward bound!

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