Sunday, April 4, 2010

Belvedere Easter Egg Hunt

Susan tipped us off to the Easter Egg Hunt at the Belvedere House so we thought we'd take the girls for their very first egg hunt. Below is a picture of the starting point for all kids 5 and over. Most of these kids looked like they knew what they were doing. They all had their tote bags and muscled their way to the front of the line.

Lucy, Sofie, and another Sophie they met before the big hunt. I think Lucy is already pointing out eggs and working out the egg hunt strategy with her team.

They all took off running just after I snapped this picture. I'm lucky I got out of the way. It was like a herd of elephants. I didn't see any of them until it was all over. 160 acres is a lot of ground to cover. The girls did find a couple big chocolate eggs and a handful of small ones. Lucy was more thrilled with the small frog she caught and with their new friend they made. I'm so glad she has her priorities in the right order!

After playing down by the lake skipping stones, we walked up to see the house. It was in use until 1988. The views from the house of the surrounding grounds were just gorgeous--enormous beech and cedar trees, walled gardens, and the lake. Not a telephone pole in sight!

View from the top of the terrace.

The Terrace
Belvedere House

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