Monday, April 19, 2010

Cork and Kinsale

We headed down to Cork on Saturday. Looking at the map, it didn't look too far so we left about 11 a.m. It took us 3 hours to get there! I don't know if we were spoiled by Germany but we were left feeling a little let down by Cork. The town center is fantastic but as soon as you walk away from it you feel like you're in a ghost town. There were no people, the buildings were boarded up and it was strangely quiet. The one thing to see when you do go to Cork is the Covered Market. It has a small doorway to enter but once you go in it's a maze of fresh fish stalls, fruit and veg., chocolates, fresh pasta and meats. Anything you could possibly want for you dinner was there. I'm not that into food so much--I don't really like to cook. Heck, I don't even grocery shop at home! (Tim does that) But if I had the Covered Market to shop at, I'd take over. That's how much I loved it. Street performers are big in Cork. We came across this guy laying on a bed of nails.

When he stood up, his back looked like a pin cushion. Ouch.

Then he showed off how flexible he was. Ouch again.

My dream grocery store! Fresh pizza dough? They had it. Fresh whole cod? Done. Fresh ravioli? Yeah, that too. I even saw a whole cooked turkey. Cooked! Could it get any better? Should I go on and on about the wine? the chocolates? the cheeses? We had to get out of there before I hid in some stall, begging to work for food.

The Covered Market

After walking around the town center in Cork we decided to follow Rick Steve's advice (he said Cork isn't worth seeing) we headed down to Kinsale. What a gem of a town. If you need to go to the south, this is a town worth staying in. It's small, very walkable and so charming--like a postcard. We grabbed a few pizzas and had a picnic in the park. I think the girls (and Tim!) are getting tired of sightseeing. So we ate our pizza and slowly walked back to the car, dreading the now 3 1/2 hour drive home.


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