Sunday, April 25, 2010

Irish National Stud

With two horse lovers in the family, we couldn't avoid the Irish National Stud farm! We drove down to Kildare this afternoon and took the tour of the farm. Before we did that, we walked through the world famous Japanese garden. The garden tells the story of life--birth through death.

After we walked through all the aspects of life--birth, ignorance, gathering intellect, love, success and failures in marriage, old age, and finally death--we made our way over to the Sun Chariot Yard for the timed tour. We saw the stables where the mares birth foals, the forge where the horse shoes are made, the saddlery, and the round barn where the stallion is brought in to meet his mare. There are eight stallions at the farm. The most valuable one has a stud fee of €45,000. He's also insured for €60 million. All the Thoroughbred horses here are bred just for flat racing. We finished up the tour and got to walk around and see all the stallions, the mares, and foals! April is a great time to visit the farm because it's foal season!

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