Tuesday, April 13, 2010


As you can see from the title, we went to Munich for vacation! It was incredible. We all wish we could've stayed longer. After sorting through 350+ pictures, here's some of the things we did--
After deciphering the fahrplan (train schedule) we headed to Fussen on Friday morning. Fussen is south of Munich and it's the town where you catch the bus to see the castles-Hochwangau and Neuschwanstein.

Hoschwangau--If you can believe it, this was a summer/hunting lodge, not a main residence. This is where King Ludwig II spent his summers as a child. Not too shabby! We all grabbed a bratwurst (so good!) and started the hike up to the castle. The weather was perfect-warm and 65. I can't tell you how good it felt after months of wet, damp, cold weather in Ireland. The girls were so happy they didn't have to wear coats! After touring Hoschwangau, we hiked down and started the hike up to Neuschwanstein.

The hike up to Neuschwanstein is a lot longer and steeper than it's neighboring castle but the views from the top are outstanding. The girls did wonderfully on the hike. It's amazing how much energy there is in a brat.

Sofie and I are sitting in the courtyard. You have timed tickets for your tour and we made pretty good time on the walk up so we all sat down and just enjoyed being up there!

There is a glass lookout platform that hangs over the ravine before you get to the castle. Luckily, none of us are scared of heights!

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