Friday, April 30, 2010

Riding Lesson XIII

Sofie in the lead on Pele. She's gotten a lot more confident out in front. She's so darn cute on that horse!

They had to canter with one hand on their hat. To just let you all know, Sofie used to be pretty scared to canter. I think I remember some screaming?.... and now to watch her canter with one hand on her head is just amazing.

Could she be any happier?? This is what makes Lucy happy. She had such a fun lesson. She kept dropping her stirrups and riding without them. She even cantered with out them! The girls both had an amazing lesson--they jumped the highest this afternoon too. They've learned so much these last few months at lessons. The weather was gorgeous, lessons were great..... and then we had to say goodbye. Such a bittersweet goodbye too because today was their last lesson! We are heading home next week. Riding lessons really gave the girls something to look forward to every week and they worked hard during that hour too. I'd hear about the sore legs on Friday! Big thanks to Claire and Lily for having the girls and making us feel so welcome!

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